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Why LED Tube Energy-saving Pollution?
- Jun 06, 2017 -

For a 35W ~ 150W incandescent lamp, the resulting luminous efficiency of the degree of lumen is 250lm, and if the use of LED as a light source lamp, the resulting light energy can reach 25lm / W, so a 10 ~ 12W LED tube can be with a 35W ~ 150W incandescent lamp for comparison, so in terms of consumption of electricity it is not more energy it?

The same contrast, perhaps there are businesses that, fluorescent energy is also ah, it can also be more energy than incandescent. Ben Thai lighting as LED lamp manufacturers to say is that in the composition of the process for the use of fluorescent lamps, the need to use metal mercury can make the light efficiency to achieve a maximum conversion, and metal mercury is a Pollution of the chemical elements, so in the production process, do not advocate.

And for the use of LED light source, does not require any increase in chemical substances, so in terms of the environment and the human body, will not produce any pollution factors, it is particularly critical that the use of other products, the conversion rate of light can only be achieved About eighty percent, while the use of LED light source is much higher than other similar products.