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Why IP67 Led Underground Lamp Still Leak Water
- Aug 29, 2017 -

Many people in the work may have such doubts, that is to do a lot of projects when the use of the nominal IP67 buried lamp, confirmed that there is also a test report is IP67, and many of them are international brands, but still will find a leakage phenomenon.

The reasons for the leaking of buried lights are summarized in the following 4 kinds of situations:

a. design is unreasonable

b.Defects of Materials

c.Defects of Process

d. installation Reasons

1. Unreasonable design

For example, some lamps are filled with plastic, these lights in the factory when the waterproof level is really no problem, will not leak.

But in the outdoor environment in the use of half a year or so will start aging and yellowing, the lamp will be water.

So the glue water is not reliable, structure waterproof is kingly.

Also some of the lamp cover plate on the pressure is not real, manufacturers do not pressure a few points. To know that the buried lamp is often in the environment of water erosion, cover plate pressure is very easy to leak.

In the actual work process, the use of the lamp environment is complex. When the sun is hot, it becomes cold when it rains, the air in the luminaire expands, the air of the lamp is compressed, so the effect of such a cycle is called respiration effect. The pressure ring of the luminaire will be affected by the pressure changes caused by the respiration effect, which will cause the buried lamp to leak.

This is the unreasonable structure of the lamp led to the durability of the lamp

2. Defects of materials

The defect of the luminaire material causes the luminaire to leak.

This is related to the key material for waterproof lamps. Waterproof nut, sealant, silicon ring, etc., just installed on the often performance is very good, but the durability is not enough.

The poorer silicone ring, two months old. Often by the sun, they will crack water and go in. This is premature failure to reach the design life.

Even if the rubber ring is not aging, but if the silicone strip is not selected, not inorganic materials but organic materials are likely to be mold, decomposition, and then will be leaking.

So the selection of materials is also critical

3. the defects of the process

For example, in the assembly, the lamp to be fitted to the entire pressure ring of the lamp to be very dense. Each screw has its own fixed torque, too tight pressure will put the rubber ring, pressure too loose aprons are not tight enough, so there will be a fixed torque.

4. Unreasonable installation mode

① installation is not smooth

The probability of a general occurrence is that the installation is not smooth. Low on one side, plus the pressure of pedestrians or cars. So the position of the pressed apron loses its elasticity because of the excessive pressure--then it leaks.

② "Short-term waterproof"

If the drainage treatment is not good, the lamp long water bubble will appear leaking situation. The IP67 of the Buried lamp represents a short time waterproof.

If the Buried lamp is blistered for a long time, the environment is worse than in the pool. Because the ground often uses the detergent such as oxalic acid to clean, oxalic acid has corrosive will invade lamps corrosion lamps, then naturally will leak.

So if the installation is smooth, there are drainage measures, so that is all right, not leaking?

Unfortunately, even if you reach this level, it is possible to bury the lights! Leakage! Water!

③ Power Wiring

One possible reason for the leak is the power connection.

Ordinary use of tape wiring is not waterproof, because the water vapor will follow the wires of the tape into the interior of the lamp, in the lamp to form a drop of water mist.