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Why Are There No Street Lights On The Highway?
- Dec 12, 2017 -

Why are there no street lights on the highway?

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Believe many partners should have the same experience, car driving on the highway at night, only to see around WuQi coal-black, in addition to the car headlights and road reflectors, basic can't see the other light, let a person strange insecure.

Why are there no street lights on the highway?

Will street lamps be safer?

In fact, generally speaking, the highway generally has not installed street lamps except for the important bridge and tunnel.

Here's a quick analysis of why the freeway doesn't have street lights.

The highway safety factor is higher

Dear friends, have you seen pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles coming and going on city streets at night?


Because the highway does not allow pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles, motorcycles, tractors and tricycles are not allowed, and no cars of 80 yards in 15 seconds are not allowed.

Why is there no street lamp on the highway?

The installation of street lamps is not for vehicle safety and convenience (because the car has headlights), but for the safety and convenience of non-motor vehicles and pedestrians.

While the service function of expressway and urban road is different, urban roads not only have vehicles, but also non-motor vehicles and pedestrians are dense, so there are street lamps.

Expressways are the roads connecting cities with cities, cities and rural areas, with few non-motor vehicles and pedestrians.

Therefore, the general highway does not have street lamps.

In addition, the highway road surface is very flat, no obvious pit, the road condition is maintained better, the safety factor is higher.

Pavement reflectors can meet demand

Is it safer and more convenient for drivers to install street lights on highways?

The answer is no.

Street lighting is discontinuous and uneven.

For high-speed drivers, the alternating current of light and dark creates visual errors (delusions) and is very dangerous.

In addition, eye strain can be quickly caused.

Moreover, the lighting of street lamps is poor, and it is scattered light, which can dazzle the drivers of long-distance driving and cause driving safety hazards.

Why is there no street lamp on the highway?

What about the driver who was driving on the highway at night without a street lamp?

When the outside lighting is insufficient, the headlights can provide more safe lighting for drivers.

Since there is no barrier to the car, you can drive a high light at night (the friend of the car must have experienced it).

This is why some drivers also like to turn on headlights (a bad driving habit, of course) even when they are driving on brightly lit city streets.

Why is there no street lamp on the highway?

Vehicle night driving, perfect road signs and reflective markers are fully needed.

At night, under the strong light of car headlights, reflective film on traffic signs will direct reflection light, light up the road, and reflects the various traffic signs clearly to the driver's eyes, is enough to complete the function of direction.

The cost is not low, management trouble

The total mileage of China's expressways is more than 100,000 kilometers, and the installation of street lamps in the whole section must be a considerable expense.

Moreover, the traffic flow of the highway is very random, and the installation of street lamps for a small number of cars is bound to cause huge energy waste.

In addition, the highway through the state of the province, the section of the section power supply and management is a thorny issue.

To sum up, the installation of street lamps on the highway is not scientific or energy-saving.

Although the highway safety factor is high, dear friends night drive still needs to be careful.

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