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What Types Of Leds Are Susceptible To Electrostatic Damage?
- Nov 27, 2017 -

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What is electrostatic damage?

What types of leds are susceptible to electrostatic damage?

Static electricity is actually composed of charge accumulation.

People in daily life, especially in dry weather conditions, when use hand to touch the doors and Windows items will feel "electric shock", this is door window class items accumulation to a certain degree of "discharge" to the human body.

For wool fabrics, nylon chemical goods, the accumulation of electrostatic voltage can be as high as more than ten thousand v, the voltage is very high, electrostatic power is not big, but not life threatening, but for some electronic devices can be deadly, cause device failure.

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LED by designed.the GN components in the composition of the base, because is wide bandgap semiconductor material, its resistivity is higher, for double heterojunction InGaN/AlGaN/GaN blue LED light, the InGaN active layer thickness is generally only a few tens of nanometers, and because of this LED both positive and negative electrode, on the surface of the chip is the same distance between is very small, if on both ends of the electrostatic charge accumulation to a certain value, the electrostatic voltage PN breakdown, make its leakage increases, serious when p-n junction breakdown short circuit, LED failure.

Because of electrostatic hazards exist, for the structure of the LED chip and device in the process of machining for processing factories, machines, tools, instruments, including the employee has to take clothing anti-static measures, to ensure that no damage to the LED.

In addition, anti-static materials should also be used on chip and device packaging.

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