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Two Models Of 40W LED Corn Light
- Dec 13, 2017 -

E27 E40 LED corn bulb

led corn light bulb (9).jpgled street light e27 (3).jpg

1)Degradation:Lumen maintenance of greater than 95% on average after 1,000 hrs continuous aging test .

2)We have the R&D department to support and can supply the products according to your design and requirements.

3)Energy saving ,saving 50% than the traditional lights at the same brightness. 

4)Long life-span, more than 50,000 hours 

5)Inner high efficiency(95%)heat protection system, with the latest high efficiency and constant currency driver, making the products can work under unstable voltage. 

6)Instant start, no flickering, no humming 

7)Professional circuit design, each LED can work separately, thus it can avoid the influence caused by a broken single LED. 

8)Anti-electric wave, no RF interference. 

9)No such hazard as mercury or lead enters the environment.