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The Principle That Small Family Interior Lamp Selection
- Dec 27, 2017 -

The principle of selection of small family room lamps:

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The reduction principle: the lamp ACTS the role of the finishing point in the room.

Too complicated modelling, too multifarious design color, not suitable design concise room.

Convenience principle: most people have experienced the awkwardness of replacing the bulb with a light bulb: stepping on the table, stepping on a chair, and lifting your arms to a ceiling of 2.5 meters or higher.

When choosing lamps and lanterns must consider change bulb convenient.

The room should choose droplight, because the distance of lamp of droplight to ground is small.

Energy saving principle: energy-saving bulb is not only energy-saving, lighting, but also not distributed heat, suitable for long lamps.

The energy-saving bulb is mostly standard screw port, and the pendant lamp has two kinds of aperture, one is standard, can use energy-saving light bulb;

One is nonstandard and cannot use energy-saving light bulbs.

Safety principle: must choose the lamps and lanterns of formal manufacturer.

Regular products are marked with total load. According to the total load, you can determine how many wattage bulbs are used, especially for the multi-head chandeliers, which is the number of watts per bulb = total load.

The other moisture is big, should choose waterproof lamps and lanterns.

Function principle: the room of different use function, should install different style, illuminance of illuminance.

Should be bright, rich lamps and lanterns;

Should choose the lamps and lanterns that make person lie in bed unconsciously;

Children's room should be the lamps and lanterns of colourful, style abound change;

Toilet should choose the waterproof lamps and lanterns with concise style;

The kitchen should choose easy to wipe, clean lamps and lanterns.

Coordination principle: the lamp ACTS the role of the whole style of the room to want to coordinate, and the many lamps and lanterns of the same room, should maintain color coordination or style coordination.

Such as wooden wall, wooden ark, the rectangular balcony of wooden top, suit to install a rectangle wooden lamp.

The rectangular room with iron art form, metal tube glass dining table and chairs is suitable for the chandelier with a rectangular metal tube.

Ann has the gold cabinet door handle, the bedroom of aureate spotlights, suit with aureate lamp.

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