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The Bedroom Lamps Select The Complete Strategy
- Dec 27, 2017 -

The bedroom lamps select the complete strategy

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The bedroom is mainly sleeping, resting place, sometimes be restricted by living condition, also use to work or close family and friends to talk.

The bedroom illume is composed mainly by general illume and local illume.

1. General lighting of the bedroom

The general lighting atmosphere of the bedroom should be quiet, warm, pleasant, soft and comfortable.

Those glittering, colorful lamps and lanterns should not be installed in the bedroom commonly.

Because the age of host, culture, the difference of the hobby, the viewpoint and standard of comfort and warmth also have difference, the requirement of bedroom lighting style also differs.

At present, the style of bedroom illume popular mainly has:

1. Peaceful comfort

This is contemporary bedroom illuminative main tide.

The plan that USES is a variety of: can choose modelling concise suction dome light, its milky white light, with bedroom light color wall photograph, a pure;

Can use light eaves illume, make the light reflects out the ceiling or wall, very soft and pleasant;

Also can install the embedded overhead light, with the people wall lamp, make the direct light of "the sky star" with "hazy" auxiliary light complementary, more elegant warmth.

2. Luxurious style

Show host financial and identity, use high-grade material, high-grade lamp decoration and indoor luxurious decorate match.

If with aureate candle lamp adorn the furniture of baroque style, can show French palace weather, aureate resplendent, glorious capture person.

If adopt the advanced mahogany lamps and lanterns of fine workmanship, material and exquisite, modelling beautiful, the furniture of red wood of ancient and simple, the air quality is extraordinary, show host is thick national feeling and economic strength.

3. Modern preform

In pursuit of freedom and freedom, urban novelty lamps are blended with geometric shapes and lines, breaking through the traditional concepts and reflecting the advance consciousness.

Wall lights on the wall can be triangular, diamond-shaped, or irregular;

Desk lamp can be semicircle, linear graph;

The spotlights are angular and black and white;

The seat lamp holds out its arms like a bird, everything is simple and unique, giving people surprise and surprise.

With the bedroom furniture with simple line again, show the interesting pursuit that the modern person is inventive.

Since the bedroom often has rest and work two big function, need low illuminance when rest and need enough illuminance when working.

In order to meet the requirements of two lighting functions, two methods can be used: one is to install the high - profile optical device and control the brightness of the lamp.

The other kind is to the indoor variety lamps and lanterns separate control, according to need to be sure to turn on the number of lights.

2. Partial lighting of the bedroom

Local lighting facilities must be considered in the bedroom, mainly including:

1. Desk lighting.

Illuminance value is above 300LX, generally use write desk lamp illume.

2. Reading lighting.

A lot of people like to rely on the reading newspaper on the bedside shelf before bed, so should consider to choose lamp or wall lamp illume.

The characteristic of desk lamp is movable, the flexibility is strong, and desk lamp is the artwork in itself, can give a person the enjoyment of beauty, the light through lampshade can draw beautiful feeling line on the wall.

The advantage of wall lamp is through the reflected light of the wall, can make the light downy.

3. Toilet lighting.

Illumination to above 300 lx, toilet glass lamp usually adopt temperature type lamps and lanterns, illuminant with incandescent lamp or tricolor fluorescent light advisable, lamps and lanterns is installed in the mirror above, in view of solid Angle of 60 degrees, lest produce glare.

4, read lighting on the sofa, often use floor lamp illume.

Need special pointed out that due to lighting electrical light source is hot, electrically charged, starting from the security, installed in the lamps and lanterns of children bedroom must have a certain height, not directly touch the light source for our children, and should not be more in children placed inside the bedroom lamp and other portable lamps and lanterns.

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