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Promote Energy - Efficient Lighting Is The Key To Low - Carbon Green City
- Jun 06, 2017 -

Today, cities and urban residents consume about 70% of the world's energy, 50% of the municipal energy consumption is used for lighting. Bi Bo Ling said that from 2010 to 2015, the global annual additional investment needed to reach 440 billion US dollars. He stressed that public sector and private cooperation would make the development of emerging economies more sustainable, especially in the area of urban infrastructure.

Recently, Philips global senior vice president, general manager of Asia Pacific lighting Bi Bo Ling in the World Investment Forum "competition for green competition," said the promotion of energy-efficient lighting is a key part of the world's rapid urbanization, especially in Asia.

He said that the city plays an important role in addressing climate change. The government should not only set energy-saving targets, but also encourage green foreign direct investment through the demonstration of energy-saving technology.

It is reported that most of the lighting industry companies have energy-efficient lighting as an important way to deal with global climate change, plans in 2012 in its product portfolio in the proportion of green products increased to 30%, 5 years the average office energy consumption reduced by 25%.