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Lighting Design Essentials
- Aug 03, 2018 -

1. In architectural lighting, artificial lighting and sunlight are of equal importance.

Sunlight can be supplemented by artificial lighting.

Artificial lighting can not only supplement the insufficient sunlight, but also create an atmosphere completely different from the sunlight effect.

3. Choose the light source reasonably according to the lighting quality requirements.

Incandescent lamp and halogen tungsten lamp are used for high requirements on brightness, color, quality and dimming performance, while compact fluorescent lamp and high strength discharge lamp are used to emphasize energy saving and reduce maintenance.

4. Electronic transformer and electronic Dian flow to improve the life of the light source, and can reduce energy consumption.

5. Each lighting project shall have a certain maintenance plan, such as periodic replacement, elimination or cleaning of lighting fixtures.

6. The function of illuminator is equivalent to doors and Windows, and it is an integral part of the building that cannot be ignored, rather than some kind of decoration of interior design.

7. An important factor in evaluating the quality of illuminators is their functionality, maximum visual comfort and optimal lighting efficiency.

8. As a detail in the construction structure, lighting should be carefully selected

9. Functional and architectural design requirements should be taken into account in the placement of illuminators.

10. Lighting and lighting design is an integral part of architectural design.

11. Different functions of the room should be considered when lighting wiring.

12. When designing lighting conditions for a working environment, the best visual comfort should be considered.

13. The luminosity of the environment can be achieved by the facade lighting of the wall or indirect lighting of the ceiling.

14. Key lighting can arouse people's interest in a certain point and help people to observe the environment in a space.

15. To reduce energy consumption, natural lighting and artificial lighting in the working area should be combined.

16. Choose a corresponding lighting level according to different working environments, and consider the energy-saving effect while ensuring the lighting quality.

17. In order to create different atmosphere and the best lighting effect, the use of lighting control system should be considered in lighting design.

18. Even in interior lighting design, external lighting effects at night should be taken into account.

19. The design structure of a building can be best reflected by excellent lighting design.

20. Lighting fixtures and lighting effects are not only an important part of architectural design, but also a means of shaping corporate image

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