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Let LED Lights Illuminate Our World
- Jun 06, 2017 -

In a dark, but shining room, was installed in the middle of the room a large stent LED lights exudes warm and gentle light. Let's take a look at the distribution of the light of the fixture, the left is the source of the lamp to keep it at every angle, the intensity of the light it is in, and then on the construction team, In carrying out a road simulation, see that light is not reasonably distributed throughout the road.

Well-tested, and tested qualified LED lights before being installed on the road, engineering and technical personnel will also be measured to achieve a variety of road and lighting parameters input to the computer. According to the national road lighting standards for computer simulation design, the specific process is: after the addition of lamps, the following each place, different colors on behalf of what he can achieve that lighting effect, and then you can see this piece of isolation It is basically no light, it is dark, but other road surface to ensure that its lighting effect, and then you can guarantee that the driver will not have a glare when driving, not too dark to see the road, but to ensure that we The driver's safe driving.

LED is small, but their power is very powerful, the next important thing is to toward a more environmentally friendly, cheap, energy-saving direction of people looking forward to the new road can be energy-saving LED lights to light, for the city to add a Beautiful scenery line.