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LED USES Of Different Bands
- Aug 06, 2018 -

1. UVLED (uv LED) :

(1) low uv: 250nm-265 nm-285 nm-365 nm, now capable of 250nm-410 nm.

These are all INGaN/GaN material carbides.

These ultraviolet rays kill all bacteria in the water, up to 98 percent, especially 285 nm.

(2) medium and ultraviolet light: 365-370nm is an international standard. Ultraviolet light is lethal.

365nm-390nm is commonly used to supplement dentists with this ultraviolet ray, which is characterized by strong function and short time.

At the same time, the wavelength of 365nm-370nm is used internationally to distinguish the authenticity of banknotes.

(3) high uv: 405 nm-410 nm, with a maximum chip size of no more than 2 inches (also known as uv wafer).

From 345 nm to 410nm, it can be used for plant seed cultivation.

It is also useful to distinguish the authenticity of RMB notes with 405nm-410nm.


VIS LED (visible light LED) :

(1) blue light: 430nm-450nm-470nm pays attention to its application in the blue light band. Its main component is INGaN/GaN, but its content is low, its capacity is low and it is not durable, and it is mainly used in the blue light band.

(2) green light: 505 nm-520 nm-540 nm is mainly used in the green light band. Its main components are: INGaN/GaN.

The main component of 556 is: GaP/ALInGaP, which is the most clearly seen pure green in international spectroscopy.

(3) yellow light: the band between 570 nm and 590 nm is mainly used in amber color (yellow).

The 600 nm-620 nm band is mainly used in orange color

(4) red light: the band of 630 nm-640 nm is mainly used in red color, while the band of 660 nm-730 nm is long and mainly used in deep red color.


Infra LED (infrared LED) :

From a medical point of view, the use of 660 nm-730 nm-780 nm light will promote plant growth.

Medical products of 730nm-760nm can be used to check if the patient is a vegetative person

760 nm-790nm-805nm is used to detect fat content in medicine.

850 nm-880 nm is used to detect the speed of the engine.

900 nm is mainly used as a test instrument to detect human blood gas, blood sugar and so on

940 nm is mainly used as a remote control for position locking.

The detection instrument made from 1000nm-1300nm-1500nm-1550nm is mainly used to detect highly volatile gases such as alcohol, fiber, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Other special USES of special bands:

(1) 250 nm-300 nm (0.1mw), 350 nm-360 nm (1MW), 380 nm-400 nm (5MW, 20MA).

This product is made up of 320nm~400nm waveband photocatalytic photocatalyst, which can effectively remove formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and xylene from the air in the office and viruses, bacteria and odors in the air in the daily office, prevent virus infection and reduce disease transmission.

At the same time can promote the body metabolism, enhance immunity, so that we are energetic, family health.

(2) 570-580 nm wavelength, causing the mosquito retina to blur and let it escape automatically.

(3) 320nm~380nm ultraviolet ray can promote skin metabolism, increase skin growth strength, thicken skin, and cure psoriasis (psoriasis), vitiligo, etc.

Used for illumination, the fluorescence effect of the illuminant can be strong.

It can also be used for industrial radiation detection, chemical phase formation and currency inspection.

(4) 275nm~320nm ultraviolet ray;

Sunbathing has a strong physiological effect on human body. It can cause skin photochemistry and light spot process, and make skin produce many active substances, which can play a good role in the internal organs, spiritual system and endocrine system circulation system of human body.

On the other hand, there is the conversion of 7-dehydrogenated wheat-horn cholesterol into vitamin D3 or D2 in the skin, promoting the normal calcium and phosphorus circulation of the human body, which is especially important for indoor workers, pregnant women and children.

(5) the use of insect vision has the characteristics of maximum sensitivity in the ultraviolet region around 360nm;

Can lure insects together and kill them

(6) the special wavelength of 315nm, the ultraviolet b-band has a strong physiological effect on animals, and can play a positive role in the normal work of the animal's internal organs, nervous system, endocrine system and circulatory system, and promote the synthesis of protein and vitamin D3.