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LED Tube Light Appear Dark Spot, What Reason?
- Dec 05, 2017 -
LED tube light appear dark spot, what reason?  Here are four answers for your reference 1 1. Light bead arrangement and quantity of lamp bead; 2. Select the lamp tube shell, which is the most, mainly the distance between the lamp bead and the PC cover, the lamp-plate sinking, the light is better. 2 Add a point: in the production process each lamp bead's voltage is different mix together stick, also can cause this kind of circumstance. 3 1. This problem occurs when the new lamp tube is assembled. The number of leds is small, the density is insufficient, and the light is not uniform. 2. Use a period of time to appear, the LED light is bad. 3 May be the reason: in the first and after a string of light board, lamp bead light flux pulsation of sex is too big, there are in the dark place to put the one bright one dark lights, tear open come down to the test, look at these three lamp bead, have the corresponding lamp bead from dark areas are lower than lights on both sides of luminous flux.