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LED Junction Temperature Is How To Produce?
- Jun 06, 2017 -

The reason LED heat is because the added power is not all converted into light energy, but part of the conversion into heat. LED light effect is currently only 100lm / W, the electro-optical conversion efficiency of only about 20 to 30%. That is, about 70% of the electricity has become heat.

Specifically, the LED junction temperature is due to two factors caused.

1. The internal quantum efficiency is not high, that is, in the electron and hole recombination, and can not produce 100% of the photon, commonly known as the "current leakage" leaving the PN zone carrier recombination rate decreased. Leakage current multiplied by the voltage is part of the power, that is, into heat, but this part does not account for the main component, because now the internal photon efficiency is close to 90%.

2. The internally generated photons can not be all emitted to the outside of the chip and eventually converted to heat, which is the main reason, because the current known as the external quantum efficiency is only about 30%, most of them are converted into heat.

Although incandescent light efficiency is very low, only 15lm / W or so, but it will almost all of the energy into light energy and radiation, because most of the radiation is infrared, so the light effect is very low, but exempt from the The problem of heat dissipation.