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What Are The Implementation Modes Of White Leds?
- Nov 27, 2017 -

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What are the implementation modes of white leds?

At present, white LED mainly through three types of implementation:

1. The combination of red, green and blue leds, namely multi-chip white light LED;

2, the blue LED chip with yellow phosphor, by two complementary color white, blue and yellow or blue LED chip with red and green phosphor powder, made by the chip of the blue light, red light and green light from the phosphor three color mixing to obtain white light;

3. The near-ultraviolet light emitted by ultraviolet LED chip is used to excite the white light.

After two ways for white LED phosphors are needed, called phosphors transformation LED (the phosphor converted Light Emitting Diode, PC - LED, it compared with more white LED chip in the control circuit, the cost of production, heat dissipation has advantages, in the current dominant position in the market of LED products.

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