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Identify The Quality Of LED Lights
- Aug 04, 2018 -

1.Look at the solder joints.

The regular LED lamp belt manufacturer USES SMT lamination technology, tin paste and reflow soldering process.

Therefore, the soldering point on the LED lamp is relatively smooth and the amount of soldering tin is not large. The soldering point is arc from the FPC soldering plate to the LED electrode.

However, the amount of soldering tin of the shanzhai LED lamp band is not even, and most of them are covered by a dot. At the same time, the tin tip of different degrees will appear, which is a typical phenomenon of manual welding.

2. Look at FPC quality.

FPC is divided into two types of copper and calender copper. The copper foil of copper coated plate is convex, which can be seen from the connection between the welding plate and FPC.

The calender copper is closely connected to the FPC and can be bent at will without the loss of the welding disc.

If the copper coated plate bends too much, the welding plate will fall off, and the excessive temperature during maintenance will also cause the welding plate to fall off.

3. See the cleanliness of the LED lamp band surface.

If the LED lamp belt produced by SMT process is adopted, its surface is very clean, no impurities and stains can be seen.

However, if the imitation LED light belt produced by hand welding technology is adopted, no matter how the surface is cleaned, there will be stains and traces of cleaning, and the surface of FPC will help to retain flux and tin residue.

Look at the packaging.

The regular LED light belt will be packaged with anti-static coil, usually 5 meters per roll or 10 meters per roll, and then the outer side will be sealed with anti-static anti-moisture packaging bag.

However, in order to save costs, the LED tape of the copycat version will adopt the recycled material reel, and then there is no anti-static anti-damp packaging bag. If you look carefully, you can see that there are marks and scratches left when removing the label on the outside.

Look at the label.

The standard LED light comes with a printed label on the packaging bag and reel, not the printed label.

The label of the copycat version is printed, and the specifications and parameters are not unified.

Look at the attachment.

The formal LED light belt will be enclosed with the instructions of use and the specification of the light belt in the packing box, and the LED light belt connector or card holder will also be provided.

These accessories are not included in the case of the knockoff LED lights, because some manufacturers can save money after all.

What should I pay attention to when buying LED lights

1. The brightness requirements of LED are also different for different occasions and products.

For example, if the LED jewelry counter lamp is placed in some large shopping malls, we need to make it more attractive with higher brightness, and there are also different products such as LED spotlights and LED seven-color ribbon for decoration.

2. Anti-static ability: LED with anti-static ability and strong anti-static ability has a long life, but the price will be higher.

Static resistance is usually better than 700V or above.

3. LED with the same wavelength and color temperature will have the same color, which is especially important for this mass combination of lamps and lanterns.

Do not make too big color difference in the same lamp.

4. The leakage current is the current when the LED conducts electricity in reverse. We suggest using LED products with less leakage current.

5. Waterproof ability, different requirements for outdoor and indoor LED lights.

6. LED luminescence Angle has a great impact on LED lamps, which requires a lot of different lamps. For example, LED fluorescent lamps, we suggest using 140-170 degrees.

We will not elaborate on the others here.

7. LED chips determine the core quality of LED chips. There are many brands of LED chips, including those of foreign brands (such as CREE, Japan, Asia, etc.), and those of Taiwan, China (such as gallium, crystal elements, etc.).

Prices vary widely from brand to brand.

8. The size of LED chips also determines the quality and brightness of LED. We also try to choose larger chips when selecting them, but the price varies.