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How To Distinguish The Led Driver
- Sep 22, 2017 -

First, the core of drive chip IC driving power is IC, the quality of IC directly affect the entire power supply. LED power on the IC, refused to burnish, so that the lamp manufacturers understand the IC program and accounting drive costs, to achieve reasonable prices to purchase power products.

Second, the transformer control chip can be regarded as the power of the brain center, and determine the power, temperature and so on is the transformer. Transformer is responsible for the completion of "AC-Magnetic Energy-DC power", the power overload will be saturated blowing machine. The core of the transformer consists of a magnetic core and a wire package.

Third, electrolytic capacitors and SMD ceramic capacitor input electrolytic capacitor quality and life requirements may be known to all, we also attach great importance to. But we often ignore the quality of the output capacitance requirements, in fact, the life of the output capacitor has a great impact on the life of the power supply. The output has up to 60,000 times per second switching frequency, resulting in the capacitance of parasitic resistance increased fever, the production of similar scale of the material, the last electrolyte heating, blasting slurry. Ceramic capacitors: The material is divided into literal, x5r and y5v, while the actual capacity of y5v can only reach the actual 1/10, nominal capacity value only refers to work at 0 volts. So this tiny patch resistor, poor option will also cause the cost of the price difference and greatly shorten the life of the power supply.

Four, the power supply product circuit design and welding process design pros and cons: to throw away the professional angle, can be identified through some intuitive methods, such as the layout of the components neat, generous, orderly, bright and straight solder points. A good engineer is not going to make a disorderly design. As for the flying Line, the manual Canadian dollar piece, is a serious lack of technical strength performance. Welding technology: Manual welding and wave soldering technology, it is known that mechanized production of wave soldering process quality is certainly better than manual welding. Identification method: The back of the red gum. At present, lamps in use for a period of time flashing lights, basically because of the power supply or lamp bead virtual welding caused. And the product of virtual welding detection, is very difficult to pass the aging detection, so we must rely on AOI to detect the quality of the SMD power.

The power supply products are tested for aging racks and high temperature aging housing materials and production process control of the good power products, or need to detect ageing. Because the electronic components and the transformer incoming inspection is very difficult to control. Only through the whole batch of power supply aging and high temperature room high temperature sampling, to detect the quality stability of this batch of power supply and the safety of materials have hidden dangers. These five methods are able to identify the quality of the LED power supply.