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Global LED Lighting Lamps Safety Specification Knowledge
- Dec 25, 2017 -

The most complete in the history - global LED lighting lamps safety specification knowledge


Definition of luminaire


Lamps and lanterns: anyone can allocate, filters or transforms one or more of the light source the light by, and including, fixed supported and protect the light source required components (but not including the light source itself), and the necessary circuit auxiliary device and connect them with the power supply facilities.


General lighting: provide protection against accidental contact with live parts, but no special dust, solid foreign body and waterproof grade lamps.


Movable lamps: when used normally, lamps are connected to a lamp that can be moved from one place to another when connected to the power source.


Fixed lamps and lanterns: can't easily move from one place to another lamp, because fixed so that this kind of lamps can be disassembled only by means of tools.


Embedded lighting: the manufacturer designates complete or part of the installation surface of the lamp.


Live parts: electrically conductive parts that may cause electric shock during normal use.

A central conductor shall be regarded as a live part.


EN safety extra low voltage (SELV - safety extra - low voltage) : through such as security isolation transformer or transformer from the power supply circuit, between conductors or between any conductor and earthing, the ac voltage RMS does not exceed 50 v.


UL low voltage line: the open circuit voltage shall not exceed the ac voltage effective value of 30V.


Basic insulation (EN) : provides basic protection of electric shock protection on live parts.

Pressure should be above 2U+1000V (U: local grid voltage).


Supplementary insulation (EN) : an independent insulation based on basic insulation that provides protection against shock when basic insulation fails.

Pressure tolerance should be above 2U+1750V (single layer).


Double insulation (EN) : insulation of basic insulation and supplementary insulation, the pressure value should be above 4U+2750V (that is, the sum of basic insulation and supplementary insulation resistance).


Enhanced insulation (EN) : the insulating effect is an enhanced insulation equivalent to double insulation.

Generally speaking, it is generally only one layer, but it can also be composed of multiple layers, and the layers are not clearly segmented and measured separately.

The pressure tolerance should be above 4U+ 2750V.


CLASS O - CLASS light (EN) : light fixtures with basic insulation as shock protection measures, no grounding and other protective measures.


CLASS I light (EN) : in addition to the basic insulation of electric shock protection measures, other protective measures such as grounding are used.


CLASS II luminaires (EN) : double insulation or increased insulation for electric shock protection.

The insulation effect is independent of grounding or installation conditions.


CLASS III lamp (EN) : use the low safety voltage (SELV) to protect the lamp from shock protection.


Ordinary combustible materials (normally flammable material) : the ignition temperature of the material for at least 200 ℃, and at this temperature the decrease of strength of the material deformation or not.

For example, wood and materials with a thickness of more than 2mm are used as matrix materials.


Flammable material: a material other than ordinary combustible materials and non-combustible materials.

For example, wood fibers and materials with a thickness of less than 2 are based on wood.


Noncombustible materials (non - combustible material) : can't combustion-supporting material.

Such as metal, cement, etc.

20: type test (type test) : the type test sample for testing, the purpose is to test whether a given product design in line with the requirements of relevant standards, but after finalizing the test product conformed to the standard requirements in the production stage, need to test reports and related documents to guarantee.

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