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Different Led Bulbs In Different Country
- Dec 25, 2017 -

Introduction of the light bulb

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Tungsten filament bulbs, including incandescent bulbs, quartz bulbs and halogen bulbs.

Commonly used incandescent bulbs are: Type A, B, C, G, R, T,

European light bulb Base - E14, E27.

The UK can also use B15, B22;

North American light bulb Base Type - E12, E17, E26.

E-Edison (Edison type screw port);

B-bayonet (Bayonet)


Commonly used quartz bulbs have Type T (JC), MR, JDR-C (GU10).


Fluorescent tubes, commonly used for FL (T5, T8, T12...).

, pl-s, pl-c, 2D, and energy-saving lamp tubes.

Note: the usual representation of the tungsten filament and FL fluorescent tubes is: the letters of Type (Type) plus the Arabic numerals, such as: A19, B10, C7, G25, S11, T8...

The Arabic numerals indicate that the diameter of the bulb, such as the diameter of the A19 bulb, is 19* 1/8, and times 25.4 is the diameter of the bulb, which is the unit of mm.

Special case: the Numbers of the European regulation R bubble are the actual size of the bulb, such as R50, R80...

Common light bulb shape: thread A bubble, card A bubble, B bubble, G bubble, R bubble, R7s solar tube, JC, G9, G4.0

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