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Compared With Traditional Light Source, What Are The Advantages Of LED Light Source?
- Feb 26, 2018 -

As a light-emitting device, LED has attracted much attention and has its advantages over other luminescent devices.

The LED has the following advantages:

(1) long working life: LED as a conductor solid luminescent device has a longer work than other luminescent devices.


Its brightness half-life is usually up to 100,000 hours.

If you replace the traditional car lamp with LED, it will live long.

Life will be far greater than the life of the automobile body, which has the characteristics of not needing to be repaired and replaced for life.

(2) low power consumption: LED is a low-voltage working device, so the minimum power consumption can be greatly reduced under the same brightness.

The energy consumption.

On the contrary, with the development of technology and materials in the future, it will have higher luminous efficiency.

People have done the calculation, the fake.

If Japan's lighting fixtures are replaced by leds, two large power plants could be reduced, which would be beneficial to environmental protection.

(3) fast response time: the LED can generally respond within tens of milliseconds (ns), so it is a kind of telling device, which is also.

Other light sources.

LED production of high - level brake lights in high - speed state, greatly improved the car.

The safety of

(4) small size, light weight and resistance: this is the inherent characteristic of semiconductor solid devices.

Color LED can make all kinds.

A clear and refined display device.

(5) easy to move light, color, control: LED as a light-emitting device, can pass through the current changes in the control brightness, can also be accomplished by configuration of different wavelengths LED color change and adjustment.

So the light is made up of leds.

Source or display screen, easy to use electronic control to meet the needs of various applications, and IC computer in compatibility is extremely difficult.

In addition, the application of LED light source is not limited by the space in principle, and is extremely plastic, which can be extended arbitrarily to realize building block type.


At present, the color screen of large screen is not LED.

(6) the light source produced by LED does not have environmental pollutants such as mercury and lead, which will not pollute the environment.

So people will

LED light sources are known as "green" light sources.