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Basic Parameters Of The Seven Lamps
- Dec 17, 2017 -

Basic parameters of the seven lamps

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When consumers buy LED lighting lamps and lanterns, it is necessary to know some of the commonly used parameters of LED lighting products, such as brightness, wavelength, color temperature and so on, as the criterion to distinguish the quality.

Below, we will explain the general parameters of LED lighting products to consumers, and tell you how to choose LED lighting products.

1, brightness

LED lighting includes:

Luminance L: the luminous flux in the unit area of a specific direction unit.

Unit: take off (CD / ㎡).

Light flux phi: the amount of light emitted per second by the luminosity.

Unit: lumen (Lm), indicating the luminescence of the luminescence, the greater the number of luminescence.

However, the larger the number of lumens, the more luminous flux, the higher the brightness of the lamp.

2, the wavelength

LED with consistent wavelength, color consistent.

It is difficult for manufacturers without leds to produce pure color products.

3, color temperature

Color temperature is the unit that identifies the color of the light.

The yellow light is "under 3300k" and the white light is "over 5300k", and there is an intermediate color "3300k - 5300k".

The customer can select the suitable color temperature light source according to personal preference, the application environment and the lighting effect and atmosphere.

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4. Leakage current

LED is the luminosity of a unidirectional conduction. If there is a reverse current, it is called leakage current, a large LED with large leakage current and short life.

5. Anti-static ability

LED with strong anti-static ability, long life and high price.

The LED lighting is usually used for LED lighting (lighting decoration).

6, life

The key to different qualities is life expectancy, which is determined by light decay.

Small light and long life.

7, design

Each product can have different design, different design suitable for different purposes, the reliability of the LED lighting design aspects include: electrical safety, fire safety, environmental safety, mechanical safety, health and safety, security, time and other factors.

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