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Solar street lights are increasingly popular reasons
- Jun 06, 2017 -

The so-called solar street light is a use of solar energy as a street lamp, it is not subject to conventional electricity restrictions, do not need to drain the cable, do not consume conventional electricity. As long as there is sufficient light can be used. Because solar street lights are not affected by conventional energy, will not pollute the environment, it is also known as green products.

Solar street lights are generally road, park lighting facilities. However, in some economically underdeveloped areas, or the lack of conventional energy areas, solar street lights are also popular. Because the solar street lights according to their own characteristics to solve the energy problems in these places.

In fact, due to the maturity of technology and the concept of advanced, solar street lights in developed countries have also been a very high penetration rate. Like the United States, Japan, France and other countries, the use of solar street lights has been very high. But in our country, or in the primary stage. We look forward to solar street lights in the country have better popularity.

In fact, solar energy can be so quickly popular, in addition to solar street lights is the sun as the energy of the street lights, as well as because it compared with ordinary lights, there are many unmatched advantages.

First of all, he did not ditch buried cable, the amount of work is relatively small, as long as the installation of a cement base, and then fixed on the stainless steel screws just fine. As well as because the solar street lights free of electricity, as long as an investment can be, there is no maintenance costs, generally two to three years can recover the investment costs, get the benefits.

Moreover, the solar street lights compared to conventional street lamps, the security is relatively strong, because he is ultra-low voltage products, so relatively safe. The main components of solar street light, the life of solar panels is very long, generally about 25 years, so the income is relatively large.

Finally, the most important point is that the solar street light is a green product, will not harm the environment, which has become a new high-tech community a selling point.