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How to select LED driver power supply for LED lights ?
- Dec 30, 2017 -

How to select LED driver power supply for LED lights ?

According to the characteristics of power grid, the requirements of LED characteristics and related LED products, the following points should be taken into consideration when choosing LED power supply:

General principles

A. Based on LED current and voltage characteristics, it is ideal to use constant current drive.

It avoids the change of LED forward voltage and causes the current to change, while the constant current keeps the LED brightness stable.

In addition, the LED flux is inversely proportional to the temperature, so it should be used to reduce the heating and design of the cooling system.

Thus reducing the temperature of the LED's work.

C. In order to ensure the overall life of the LED, the temperature of the LED has to be controlled within a certain range.

1. High reliability

LED products mainly consist of LED chip and power supply, heat dissipation enclosure and control circuit.

The quality of the LED power supply directly affects the quality of the product.

Especially LED street lamp products, because of the high altitude, maintenance is inconvenient, the cost of maintenance is also large.

2. High efficiency

LED is an energy-saving product, and the power supply should meet the requirements of energy conservation.

In particular, the power supply is installed in the structure of the lamp, especially important.

Because the LED's luminous efficiency decreases with the increase of LED temperature.

The efficiency of power supply is high, its loss power is small, heat in lamps and lanterns is small, also reduce the temperature rise of lamps and lanterns.

It can delay the lighting of LED.

3. Constant current drive mode

In order to cooperate with the VI features of the LED, the LED power must use a constant current drive mode.

4. Surge protection

The resistance of the LED is poor, so it is necessary to strengthen the protection of this area.

In particular, some outdoor products, due to the power grid load start and thunder.

Therefore, the LED power supply should have the ability to suppress the surge and protect the LED from being damaged.

5. Temperature protection function

In addition to the conventional protection function, it is better to increase the temperature negative feedback of LED chip in the constant current output to prevent the temperature of the LED chip PN section is too high.

6. LED power life

The life-span of the power supply is best matched with the life of LED chips.

7. Work environment

Due to different environmental conditions in different places, it is important to consider the environment such as temperature, humidity and installation position of LED lamps.

Considering the way the power works, if you do not add a soft start circuit, the output will have a voltage spike.

To better protect the LED, a soft start circuit is required.

This is a key factor driving the stability of the power supply.

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