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How to choose suitable LED lamps?
- Dec 17, 2017 -

How to choose suitable LED lamps?

Lighting designers have a trick!

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Lighting equipment selection is one of the important factors in the lighting design result, with the innovation of the LED lighting lighting technology developing rapidly, some laboratory can update a month generation products, the main performance of the LED in lighting, long life, small volume, small thermal radiation, energy conservation, environmental protection, long wave band, and so on.

However, because the LED belongs to the new light source, the time in lighting field is not long, and the production and development technology needs to be constantly improved and improved.

Moreover, there are no complete industrial standards in the country, which has caused problems for the use and promotion of LED lamps. Uneven quality and price of products have also increased the workload of lighting designers.

How to choose the right LED lighting products:

First, judge from outside appearance

Must be a qualified products reasonable structure, fine surface treatment, structural and functional parts matching, have complete clear product labeling, lamps and lanterns size conform to use visual dimension of the space, including packaging and product specification.

And then, the light source

Due to technical constraints, most high quality light sources are now in the United States, Japan and Taiwan.

The key to different quality LED chips is the difference between life, color temperature, light effect and, of course, the control of luminous Angle.

It is difficult to distinguish the high quality light source in the light of the lamp, and usually the technical parameters provided by the manufacturer are required.

Second, drive the power

Many people drive the power supply more than a person's heart, to reflect its main sex.

First, check the parameters of the manufacturer, because the LED volt ampere characteristic has the characteristic of the negative temperature coefficient, so it is not fixed and will change with the temperature.

Main parameter analysis: input voltage, output voltage, output current, output power, power factor, wiring sign, temperature rise, whether it has overpressure protection, overcurrent protection, etc.

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Next, heat dissipation

In front of the LED is more sensitive to temperature, also talked about the negative temperature coefficient, so you need to review the radiator, in theory, USES the aluminum radiator material is more appropriate, but also distinguish between insert car aluminum, aluminum, cast aluminum.

There is also the contact between the radiators and the light source and the aluminum substrate and the aluminum shell, which will directly affect the conduction and cooling effect of the core temperature of the LED chip.

Finally, light test

Normally, the lighting designer checks the sample to need the light test.

Color temperature, brightness, light spot shape, beam Angle, the lamp body temperature are lighting designer's review details, a few steps from the theory, on the surface in front of the judge, the final test this link effect due to the light.

It can be very intuitive to judge whether the lamps match the design effects.

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