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G53 COB AR111 LED lamp
- Jan 29, 2018 -

G53 COB AR111 LED lamp

ar111 G53 220Vled ar111 lamp

1. The light sourse is the Epistar led advanced technology,

high light efficiency clolor and lustre is pure, no flash, quality is more stable.

2. High quality fin aluminum shell, better heat dissipation, very little light decay, hight light efficiency;

3. High power transormer and effective optical lens, less light loss, good illumination;

4. No UV or RF intereference, low heat radiation;

5. Attractive appearance, GU10 and G53 base, same as the traditional ceramic metal halide size,

can be a direct replacement;

6. The CRI is 85 light is more nature;

7. Free-polution without harm eyes and skin without lead and mercury;

8. Easy install suiting many place.

cool white warm white color temerature Home sun led lights 2.jpg