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Easy to confuse LED five efficiency parameter interpretation
- Dec 17, 2017 -

Easy to confuse LED five efficiency parameter interpretation

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Compared with the power and life of LED, the concept of efficiency is relatively complicated.

First of all, the general efficiency of the three, and confusion have five concepts (see table 1), plus the lamps and lanterns is produced by the structure of light conversion efficiency of a total of six concept, can a total of five classes.

In the table, we give four categories:

LED lighting efficiency

First of all, for a single lamp bead, the efficiency of the two concepts: 1, lamp beads, luminous efficiency is 1 w per input power, how much can send light, the efficiency is to measure the single lamp bead luminous efficiency indicators, rather than a measure of the whole lamp luminous efficiency so single lamp bead luminous efficiency is decided to the foundation of the whole lamp luminous efficiency, and is not equal to the entire lamp luminous efficiency;

2. Lamp bead conversion efficiency, refers to the power of 1W per input, and how much energy is used to shine.

Luminous efficiency is generally used to evaluate the development level of the chip.

Second, in the application environment of lights, efficiency is generally not used, but generally used to evaluate a number of times the quality of the lamp bead, is under the condition of without considering driver, lamp beads directly on the light board consumption ratio of the total power and light shine.

The calculated wattage can reflect the average luminous efficiency of a batch of light beads, thus determining the quality of a batch of light beads.

In addition, the driver efficiency may be familiar to more people, which is the ratio of input driven power and power output to drive conversion efficiency.

The last one is the main point that everybody CARES about, namely the whole lamp luminous efficiency.

The formula is simple: the ratio of the luminaire to the total power input.

For due to the light of the lamps and lanterns structure conversion efficiency may be a bit special, lamps and lanterns of the structure of the total light conversion rate = the whole lamp light/lamp plate of the amount of light, its definition is: the light on the light board and finally by the ratio of the whole lamp light, there must be at least a poor due to the plate or pervious slabs light attenuation.

In common propaganda, the luminous efficiency of the whole lamp is often confused with the luminous efficiency of a single lamp.

For the relationship between them, we can think roughly: the luminous efficiency of the whole lamp = the luminous efficiency of the lamp bead in the application environment - the driving conversion efficiency - the structural light conversion efficiency.

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In this equation, we can see that the whole lamp luminous efficiency should be less than the luminous efficiency of lamp bead, in addition to the effects of said to the driver on the conversion efficiency, and to ignore the problem, on a regular basis is the influence of the structure of lamps and lanterns.

Lamps and lanterns structure not only refers to the influence of the impact of the diffuser, especially for the side light type lamps and lanterns, its light conversion efficiency is very low, can be said to be a bottleneck restricting side emitting type lamps and lanterns.

Therefore, if we say the luminous efficiency of the whole lamp, it should be deducted from the driving conversion efficiency and the conversion efficiency of the lamp structure.

Efficiency is a complex concept in LED lighting.

We also need to point out that efficiency is not always the same, but changes as the work environment changes, such as the temperature of work changes the efficiency.

So when we talk about LED efficiency, it's important not only to specify what efficiency it is, but also how efficient it is.

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