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The contrast between LED products and ordinary lamps
- Dec 30, 2017 -

The contrast between LED products and ordinary lamps


LED bulb and ordinary incandescent lamps

Luminous efficiency

The luminous efficiency of the LED is 100 lumens per watt, the transmittance of bulb lamp mask is 75%, and the power factor of the whole product of our company is above 0.9. In this way, the luminous efficiency of LED whole lamp is 100*75%*0.9=67.5 lumen/tile.

The luminous efficiency of incandescent lamp is 6.5 lumen/wa-15 lumen per watt, and the average luminous efficiency is 10 lumen per watt.

Incandescent light bulb use transparent glass, the light transmittance can be regarded as 100%, also, because of the incandescent light bulb didn't drive power supply, power factor is 1, so, whole lamp luminous efficiency of incandescent lamp as 10 lumens/watt.

The result of the contrast between LED bulb and incandescent lamp is:

The above formula shows that each watt LED bulb can replace the 6.75 watt incandescent lamp.

Then the 5W LED bulb bulb can replace the 33.75 watt incandescent lamp;

7W LED bulb bulbs can replace 47.25 watt incandescent bulbs.


The life of incandescent lamp is about 1000 hours;

The life of LED bulb bulbs is around 40,000 hours.

Two, LED fluorescent lamp is compared with ordinary halogen powder fluorescent lamp

Luminous efficiency

LED luminous efficiency of 100 lumens per watt, milky white mask LED fluorescent light transmittance of 80% (the light transmittance of transparent mask is clearly better, there is no detailed description), our whole lamp products power factor above 0.9, this LED the whole lamp luminous efficiency 80% * 100 * 0.9 = 72 lumens per watt.

The whole lamp of halogen powder fluorescent lamp has a luminous efficiency of 50-60 lumen/watt (which has considered the transmittance and power factor of the glass cover).

Light Angle

LED fluorescent light Angle is 120 °, used for lighting light there is no waste.

The ordinary halogen powder fluorescent light Angle is 360 °, used for lighting, need through the reflection of lamps and lanterns use at the top of the light, reflection can cause light to waste.

As shown in the figure:

With ordinary fluorescent lamp to 360 °, so at least 60% of the light passes through the ability after reflection by the output of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, white paint surface reflectivity of 50% and the lamps and lanterns, the aluminum surface reflectivity of 70% (if not use the lamps and lanterns, direct reflection by metope, reflectivity is about 30%).

Namely, ordinary fluorescent lamp T8 lamps and lanterns (using the aluminum bracket), without considering the light reflected on the lamps and lanterns after twice and the condition of the reflected light is absorbed by the lamp itself, total luminous flux output (median 55 lumens/watt light efficiency) :

55 x40 + 55 x70 x60 % % % = 35 lm

The contrast results of LED fluorescent lamp (whole lamp) and ordinary halogen fluorescent lamp (whole lamp) are:

The above formula shows that each watt LED fluorescent lamp can replace the 2.1 watt ordinary fluorescent lamp.

The 10W LED fluorescent lamp can replace the 21 watt powder fluorescent lamp;

18W LED fluorescent lamps can replace 37.8 watts of halogen fluorescent lamps.

If the reflector of the halogen lamp is not the most efficient aluminum surface material, the replacement effect of LED fluorescent lamp is better.


The life of ordinary halogen powder fluorescent lamp is more than 4000 hours;

The life of LED fluorescent lamp is over 20,000 hours. If the aluminum shell USES heat dissipation, the life can reach 40,000 hours.

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