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8 steps to design the lighting
- Sep 25, 2017 -

(1) According to the visual work requirements and indoor environment conditions of various functional lighting places, the design illumination is determined, so that all the work and activities in the room can be carried out comfortably and freely, and can be lasting and comfortable. At the same time, should pay attention to the room brightness balance. For smaller rooms can be uniform illuminance, and for larger rooms if only in the middle of a ceiling lamp, it will make people feel the room is smaller, if the wall to increase the amount of wall lamp, you can eliminate this feeling.

(2) According to the color of the interior decoration of light and light color requirements of the selection of electric lights and lamps. If the interior decoration tones to red, yellow and other warm tones, should choose the light color of the lower source (such as incandescent lamp), with a certain form of the lantern, to produce blurred scattered light, increase the warm and gorgeous atmosphere. In determining the light color and intensity, you should also be able to correctly display the fabric material surface, murals, hanging paintings, indoor colors and carpet patterns, and so on, here in addition to pay attention to the color of the light source, when necessary to set some spotlights, to some points of the scene to remind lighting.

(3) Select the lighting mode and layout of the lighting scheme, so that indoor lighting places to form an ideal lighting environment. Light irradiation should be conducive to the expression of the interior structure of the contour, space, level and the main image of the interior furniture. First of all, to determine a scheme as a general lighting, to obtain a certain degree of illumination, can meet the requirements of certain activities, and then for the local different functional requirements, select a variety of illuminance and light color and lighting in the form of local lighting.

(4) According to the final determination of the overall lighting scheme, checking the indoor illuminance value, when necessary, can be installed after the field measurement. This step is easily overlooked. To achieve a good lighting design effect, this is a must.

(5) To determine the lighting control scheme and distribution system. Set a variety of electrical outlets, and leave a certain degree of affluence. For the installation of sockets, in recent years with a variety of household appliances, the demand for electricity has been deeply into the lives of people every link. The regulations indicate that the distance from the wall outlet is no more than 1 in any place in the room. 5m, this is based on the electrical appliances attached to the power cord generally 1.5m or so long.

(6) Calculating current of each spur line and trunk line. Select the Wire type and section, thread the material and pipe diameter of the protective tube. Voltage loss Check if necessary. Some people think that the lighting circuit of the current is not enough, the wiring is also insufficient attention, especially those "guerrillas on the road," the use of rvb soft wire lighting distribution line, it in the mechanical properties and allow the current aspects are flawed, the use of some time later, coupled with aging factors, will cause hidden trouble

(7) Select the specifications and models of switches, protection appliances and metering devices.

(8) Draw the lighting construction drawing. If a change in the construction, should be implemented in a timely manner on the map, so that the final decoration finished drawing electrical completion plans. It is convenient to use the function again to change the reference.